Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.

InFórmate (SPAIN)

The inFórmate tool is designed to accompany people in the orientation and counseling process with the intention of showing the variety of existing ways. It is therefore an informative complement; but undoubtedly, to receive a personalized and complete orientation, the interested persons have at their disposal the network of counselors that exist in public institutions related to education, employment and social affairs.

INEM Courses 2018 (SPAIN)

The National Employment System of Spain, formerly known as the National Employment Institute (INEM), is the set of structures, measures and actions necessary to promote and develop employment policy throughout the State. The SNE is integrated by the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), body of the General State Administration (AGE), and public employment services of the autonomous communities (CCAA), to coordinate the means and actions both state and autonomous with the ultimate goal of achieving full employment within the decentralized system within the framework of the State of Autonomies, which has been chosen in Spain since the Constitution of 1978. In this link we can find the training offer that this organism offer to the people to improve their skills and make easier to find a job.

Key Findings and statistics 2017 (SPAIN)

Different statistics in 2017: budget (destination of funds available for training aimed primarily at employed), training in companies (companies that carry out training, credit to companies), participants trained in training actions programmed by companies, individual perspective of training in companies, state-level training plans aimed primarily at busy workers, duration and financing of state-level training (training scheduled by companies and subsidized training), etc


"KiLAG - Kirchliche Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung in Baden-Württemberg" (Church state working community for adult education in Baden-Württemberg) is an association of the five large churches in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Since its founding in 1972, its member associations are: the Evangelical Adult and Family Education in Baden, the Protestant Working Group for Adult and Family Education in Württemberg, the Catholic Adult Education of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the Diocesan Working Group for Adult Education in the Archbishopric Freiburg e.V . and the "Bildungswerk Süd" of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Their individual adult education providers guarantee a comprehensive further education offer. The KiLAG reaches more than 110,000 events with more than 2,500,000 participants in Baden-Württemberg. The member institutions of the KiLAG have their pedagogical focus in the areas of family education/pedagogy, education courses, philosophical-theological education, cultural education and health education. Currently, the focus is on working with refugees and supporting volunteers in refugee work. (Type: Association / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)

Kontaktstellen Frau und Beruf

The Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg finances the program "Kontaktstellen Frau und Beruf" (Points of Contact Woman and Profession) since 1994 with consulting facilities in the different regions of Baden-Württemberg. The "points of contact" make an important contribution to the development of the labour potential of women, to the equal participation of woman in working life and to the reconciliation of family and work. The "points of contact" offer orientation, coaching and qualification programs as well as networking around professional topics. The offices advise and support women in their further education and qualification plans, in planning their careers and in the establishment of their companies. (Type: Program funded by Public Authorities / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)

Kontaktstellen Frau und Beruf - Evaluation

The evaluation report on the program "Kontaktstellen Frau und Beruf" (Points of Contact Women and Profession" was written by Prognos AG in 2012 on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg. The report contains detailed information on the successful work of the contact offices, on regional differences, on cooperative networks and much more. The report also includes a statistical analysis of all collected data as well as recommendations for the long-term continuation of the funding program. (Type: Evaluation / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)


In the "KMK - Ständigen Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"; in Brief: "Kultusministerkonferenz" (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany), the ministries responsible for training and education, higher education and research and cultural affairs are working Senators of the countries together. In doing so, the countries perceive their responsibility for the whole of the State self-coordinating. In matters of transnational importance, they provide the necessary level of commonality in education, science and culture. One of the main tasks of the KMK is to secure the attainable maximum of mobility through consensus and cooperation for the learners, students, academics and scientific workers, to ensure the equivalence of living conditions throughout Germany to represent and promote the common interests of the countries in the field of culture. (Type: Public Authority / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)


Life situations and framework conditions of families are constantly changing. At the same time, the demands and expectations of society and politics on the educational achievements of families are increasing. The "Landesfamilienrad" (Provincial Family Council Baden-Württemberg) wants to improve the living conditions of families. The umbrella association committed to a family-friendly infrastructure and social order and for the further education of all family members. The "Landesfamilienrad" sees itself as an independent and ideologically neutral partner for the interests of families and actively participates in shaping the opinion of political decision-makers. Currently, 21 family and charitable organizations, churches and other nationally active institutions are members in the "Landesfamilienrad". The "Landesfamilienrat" is also a partner in the "Bündnis für Lebenslanges Lernen" (Alliance for Lifelong Learning). (Type: Association / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)

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