Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.

A survey on the EQF/NQF work in the Nordic mad Baltic countries with a special focus on non-formal learning

Survey was implemented in June-October 2010. The focus was on the integration of non-formal learning in the National Qualification Frameworks. The report has been produced with the support of the Nordic Council of Nordic Council of Mini

Nordic network for adult learning (NVL)

Nordic network for adult learning was established by Nordic Council of Ministers in 1995. NVL is a meeting place for Nordic adult learning; supports Nordic co-operation in a LLL perspective; disseminates experiences and innovations; hi

Project „Outreach Empowerment Diversity (OED)

This European project maps best practice methods for inclusion of marginalised groups, especially migrants and ethnic minorities, for the development of more diversity in adult education, and especially the inclusion of learners´ voices


"AiKomPass" is a tool for visualising and documenting skills for employees in the metal-working and electrical industries. The "AiKo – Recognition of informally acquired skills" project was sponsored by the regional Ministry for Finan


With the "AlphaDekade" - Nationale Dekade für Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung (National Decade for Literacy and Basic Education) the federal government, the Länder and their partners want to significantly improve the reading and writi

AlphaDekade - General Agreement

The "Grundsatzpapier Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung 2016-2026. Den funktionalen Analphabetismus in Deutschland verringern und das Grundbildungsniveau erhöhen" (General Agreement on the National Decade for Literacy and Basic Skills 2


Taking its name from the German abbreviation for "Literacy for the Workplace and Basic Education for Adults", the aim of the project "AlphaGrund" is to further the basic education of the low-skilled. Working with companies, job centres


ArtSet brings together research, education, consulting and quality testing. Under the motto "The Art of Success", the ArtSet Research Education Consulting Company pursues in its work the goal to support change processes and quality deve

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