Comune di Reggio Emilia


Reggio Emilia is a city on the cutting edge, a city thought for people. Standing out for its quality of life, Reggio is a city of young people and for young people: preschool and infant toddler centres are renown for their pedagogical approach, studied and adopted world-wide. Reggio, even if facing the financial crisis, is in continuing economic growth and active in a variety of production sectors.

Placed in the very heart of Emilia-Romagna, rich in social and cultural capital, with an impressing amount of associations and services, Reggio is twinned to 9 cities throughout Europe and the world, is linked to over 200 international sites and involved in EU and international projects (among which, sole city in Italy, "Intercultural cities", promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Commission).

Fatherland of the “Tricolore”, the Italian flag, born in the city hall in 1797, gold medal for the Resistenza to the nazi-fascism, Reggio has a rich history, gave birth to many illustrious people, and preserves a huge collective memory and identity.

Since 1990, Reggio experienced a demographic increase among the highest in Europe, due to a massive migration phenomenon, both national and from North Africa, Eastern Europe and China. As of 31/12/2009, about 16% of citizens are foreigners. About 27.000 people out of 170.000 n the Municipality come from Albania (13%), Morocco (11,5%), China (10%), Ukraine (7,4%), Romania (7,3%), Ghana (7,1%), Egypt (5,1%), etc..

Moreover, Reggio stands out at a national level for its commitment to active citizenship and involvement of citizens in decision making processes. A huge social capital shows passion and achieves concrete results every day. For this reason, the Municipality of Reggio has been investing heavily in building stable and confident social relationships, in sharing goals, in making people aware of their possibilities, in providing resources to work together towards the future.

Reggio Emilia as a whole, not only as a Municipality, is considered as a benchmark city for the education community, through the development and sustainment of an aware ethical intelligence.

Last but not least, Reggio is a city attentive to European guidelines and strategies (110 km of cycle lanes, over 7 million square meters of public parks, 46,7% of waste differentiated and recycled


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