Regional Council of Vlore


Vlorë County (Albanian: Qarku i Vlorës) is one of the 12 counties (also known as regions) of Albania. It is located in the south part of Albania on the Adriatic coast. The capital is the city of Vlorë. The Region is the second-level units of local government, while the municipalities and communes are considered as basic units of local government. The Regional Council consists of several members, who are elected by the councils of the local basic units (Municipality Councils). The Chairmen and Vice Chairman of the Regional Council are elected by the members of this council.<br>The city of Vlorë remains a major seaport and commercial centre, with a significant fishing and industrial sector. Vlorë County has grown in importance in agriculture with very large-scale planting of olive and fruit trees, and the city has become center of the food processing, oil and bitumen export industries. The county is mainly agricultural and pastoral, producing oats, maize, cotton, olive oil, etc. Tourism has become a major industry in recent years, with many hotels, recreational centers, and beaches. <br><br>


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