Regional Council of Tirana


The Region of Tirana lies in the centre of Albania and is bordered by Durres Region, Dibra Region, Fier Region, Elbasan Region and the Adriatic Sea. Tirana Region has great cultural, artistic and tourist values. The population of the Region of Tirana reaches 1.1 Million of inhabitants. 75% of its population is urban population and 25% is a rural one.<br>The Regional Council is Region’s local governing body provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Albania as its representative body which consists of several basic units of local government, as municipalities, that share traditional, economic, cultural and social links. The Region is the second-level units of local government, while the municipalities and communes are considered as basic units of local government.  <br>The Region of Tirana, includes five  municipalities, comprising the Municipality of Tirana, the capital of Albania. The Regional Council consists of 37 members, who are elected by the councils of the local basic units (Municipality Councils). The Mayors of the local units in composition of the are always members of the Regional Council. The Chairmen and Vice Chairman of the Regional Council are elected by the members of this council.<br><br>


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